Color Me Happy – Running for Rettsyndrome Awareness


I ran the Color Run this year to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome. This is not a 5k for serious runners-the race is not timed and there are no awards for age groups! What you will find are MANY happy volunteers and participants. In particular, myself and three other Moms Run This Town leadership team members decided to volunteer the day before the race, with proceeds going towards  and we had the BEST time! We worked registration check-in and packet pick-up on Friday. We were so touched to hear how excited people were to run this race. Many were running a 5K for the first time or were running with their children, which I think are such amazing milestones! I remember both of these “firsts” for myself and I can still feel the excitement and sense of pride in both!

This race is great for little kids, strollers, adults and those who want to run a fun, stress free 5K. There are water stations on the course for those that need it. The course is flat and you go through 4 color stations and a foam station before hitting the finish line party. The finish line party includes a HUGE color explosion every 15 minutes and great music. It is generally a fun, positive atmosphere.  I ran with my friend who had never ran this race and she was smiling the entire time! It was so fun to see everyone having fun, running for a great cause AND getting exercise.

The swag is great- a cool t-shirt, snacks, coupons, etc. And we even received a unicorn medal at the end *for those that love  that race bling, this will be a great addition to your collection**.  We all had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year!  A special thanks to all of my motherrunner friends who came out to volunteer and help raise money for Retts.  Jessica and her family truly appreciate it as well.

To read more about RettSyndrome and how you can help raise money to help fund research, visit




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  1. I did a training run through here. It was great as my running partner needed 20 that day and I was doing 15…and he said we needed rainbows and unicorns…and we came around a corner and BAM!! Rainbows and unicorns.

    I love what you do to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome. I am giving a lot of thought to racing for a cause again. I haven’t done it since Wine & Dine last year.


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