Flipping out over Turtle Gloves Turtle-Flip Mittens!

Disclaimer: I received an pair of Midweight Winter Soft Turtle-Flip Mittens to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

I am so happy to say I finally got my hands on (or maybe I should say inside) a pair of Turtle Gloves Mittens! As a BibRave Pro, we get to try out some pretty sweet gear. These Midweight Winter Soft Turtle-Flip Mittens are no exception. I have had my eyes on these gloves for awhile.

My first impression of the mittens:

  • They are very soft
  • They are lightweight
  • They have a distinctive, standout design (peep the Bibrave Logo)

We are so lucky to have four seasons here in Kentucky! Our winters do not get as cold as other parts of the country, but we definitely get down into the teens and single digits in January and February. I received these in December and the weather was averaging 40 degrees at that time.

My time out with the gloves it was pretty warm (45 degrees), so they came off right away. But, the next time I went out with the dogs to walk and it was chilly and close to freezing and these gloves kept my hands so warm. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get the “flip” technique down- it definitely took a little practice to be able to do it smoothly, but now that I’ve used them several weeks, it really is easy.

If you haven’t tried Turtle Gloves, let me tell you they are comfortable, lightweight and warm and so might even say “magical”. I have the Midweight style that is not lined, so I don’t recommend them for wet or snowy weather. However, the company makes a variety of brands to fit the type of weather you will train in; check them out here.

Code TURTLEBIBRAVE gets you 15% off orders, including sale items!

Check out what some of my other BibRave Pro friends say about the Turtle-Flip Mittens: Kim ChrisTeddyJuanRyanJaimeleeChris M.KellyMark

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5 thoughts on “Flipping out over Turtle Gloves Turtle-Flip Mittens!

  1. These are SO nice! I’ve used them for walking (with and without the dig LOL), running and even biking. The flip feature is awesome!


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