Countdown to the #KDFMarathon!

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I can’t believe I am in the final weeks of training for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon!  The event holds a special place in my heart for several reasons, including that the mini was my very first half marathon. This year will be my second year running the full marathon. After running the race last year, I decided to apply to become a 2017 KDF Marathon Ambassador on a whim.  I never thought that I would be selected as an ambassador.  I wasn’t an “elite” athlete, I had only run a marathon once, and well, I just didn’t think I would fit the mold.  But my running friends encouraged me to submit an application and fast forward almost a year later–here I am preparing to run the marathon as an ambassador!

My role as an ambassador is to assist in getting this race opportunity out in front of as many people as possible and encourage them to register.  But, the best part is meeting so many great people and supporting them during their training leading up to race day! I answer questions about training runs, race day prep and of course, the race itself.  I am always proud to say I am from this area and that I’ve run the mini/full several times when I talk to people about the experience.  Also exciting is that I get to participate in training runs with fellow ambassadors and people who have registered for the race and chosen me as an ambassador.  I have met so many amazing runners, triathletes, and women who want to run this race {again}!

I will certainly be sad when this race is over because my tenure as an ambassador will end. But, the friends I have made and the knowledge I have gained will stay with me for much longer.  I highly recommend if you are running the race this year to reach out to any of the ambassadors with questions-if we don’t have the answer, we will find it for you!

Here are just some of the reasons why this race is unique (and why you should run with us):

  • The cap for this race is 18,000 runners.  This makes for an exciting atmosphere on race day with plenty of crowd participation when there is fair weather.
  • It is a Boston Qualifier race! The course is fairly flat and fast (details here).
  • The course takes you through historic old Louisville, University of Louisville and Sullivan University campuses, as well as our beautiful park systems.  I promise, you will see some sights on this course!
  • You get to run through the infield of Churchill Downs-not many racers can say that about their race experiences!
2017 KDF Marathon Ambassadors

If you want information about the #KDFMarathon, please click here.

You can register for the full marathon, minimarathon, or relay here.   (Don’t forget to choose me, Stephanie Boyd, as your ambassador during sign up!)

Registration prices will increase again on 4/1/17, so don’t delay! From time to time, I do have registration discount codes available to use; follow me on Instagram to see those discounts as they occur! 

Happy Training! I hope to see you at the KDF Start Line on April 29th.

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When Lexington & Louisville BAMRs collide!

When The Running Wife offers to come to Louisville and run with the Louisville MRTT/SRTT group, we lace up! Check out her story here. It was great meeting both Ashleigh and Pam-hope we see them back in Louisville soon! 

Yes, I’m an extrovert. Yes, I’m a runner. But two years ago, I would have NEVER driven to Louisville to run with a bunch of awesome women runners that I’ve never met for a long run. I would have been scared of the pace, the people and the results. Fast forward to yesterday, I had […]

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I Run 4 Jessica

I started this running journey in 2013 with my first timed 5K. After that, I joined a women’s running club and started signing up for more races! When I decided to run  my first full marathon, I also decided to fill out an application to become a runner for the Irun4 non-profit organization.  This organization pairs runners with children and adults that have physical, mental, and developmental special-needs.  I knew that I wanted my running to have a purpose. I Run 4 Michael seemed to be a great fit to help me stay motivated and have someone to dedicate miles to that could not run for themselves.

After months of waiting, I was finally paired with my running buddy! Her name is Jessica and she is a young woman who has lived with the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. Essentially, Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is diagnosed in infancy, most of the time in females.  In Jessica’s case,  she is not able to walk or talk and depends on her parents for her activities of daily living.  But, she is more than just a young lady with a diagnosis.  She is a girl who loves to ride on ATVs, loves animals and enjoys watching video games.  Her mom loves to take photos of her and she is the jewel or her parents’ eyes.  Jessica is my inspiration and motivation for my races, but in particular she helped me train and cross the finish line of my first marathon and for that I am forever grateful to her.

Every training mile and every mile I run is dedicated to Jessica. I even “wear” her with me on every race—she is on my running bib!  She is always there, pushing me on when I am tired and may not want to keep going.  It is rewarding to know I have someone in my corner to cheer me on AND proudly wear the medals we run together to earn.

The bib I wear in all of my races!
Jessica proudly wearing her first #KDFMarathon Medal

This is it! I went and did it! I started my blog. This is something I have been considering for a few years, but did not have the focus until now to start.  I hope this blog will serve as  motivation and inspiration for women who want to run or who are currently runners.  When I talk to women about their health and about their fitness goals, often times running comes up in the conversation.  However, these same woman do not always know where to start or how to go about the business of running.  And, many times women may start their running journey without knowledge or support to sustain a certain level of running.  As a member of a women-only running club here in the Louisville area, I see the struggles and successes daily of women on their running journeys. I strive to motivate women in that group and now I am opening up that motivation to women outside the group. I appreciate your support in this endeavor (which means, thanks for reading and sharing my blog)!

Here is to running happy!



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