My Recap of the 2021 BibRave Proud Virtual Summit

Many of you know that is THE place to find race reviews and recommendations. Did you know that BibRave also has an “active, enthusiastic, and savvy social media influencers who help spread the word about BibRave and BibRave-partnered races and brand“? Those influencers are called the BibRave Pros (BRPs) and I am proud to be one of the many runners in this amazing community.

Each year, the BRPs get together for a summit-it is a time to network, learn and strengthen the BRP community. Due to the pandemic, this event was virtual in 2020 and again in 2021. Our event was sponsored this year by Knockaround and Science in Sport!

  • Knockaround – Check out these amazing custom blue-light blockers in the pick below; the quality is amazing. I love the lightweight frame and the fact that they can help reduce eye strain really is amazing and a must during these virtual times.
  • Science in Sport – As part of the weekend, we were able to try the new SIS gels-both the Turbo+ and the Sleep Plus. I have to say, these may be the most interesting products I have tried from Science in Sport so far! The Turbo Plus has quite a kick of caffeine and that menthol, wow. This gel was created for indoor use and the menthol helps to improve your ability to tolerate heat stress-cool, right? I have not tried the Sleep Plus yet, but it is formulated to assist in sleeping better and recovering fast, which all athletes need help with from time to time.

Luckily, we are used to working in a virtual atmosphere, so it isn’t hard to convince us to all come together for a weekend full of everything BRP orange. How do you mean? Let me share some highlights with you.

Friday night was our Welcome and Happy Hour – As part of this, Team BibRave welcomed all of us to the weekend event.  We used the Hopin platform, a virtual event platform, and it was such a breath of fresh air to be in a platform we don’t normally use to maintain connections! Then we were able to break into small team cohorts. I am one of the six Team Captains for 2021 and I was very excited to see many of my team members in a smaller setting. We shared a little about ourselves by bringing a visual aid to represent our hometowns/where we live now.  Most everyone had a fun story to share about their cities, regardless of the locale.

The fun really started on Saturday with a Virtual 5K Scavenger Hunt on RunKeeper. This was really cool because as I was running, fellow BibRave Pros would pop-in and give me items to find and take photos of on the run.  You can see my scavenger hunt finds below.

We then were able to come back to brunch and AMA (Ask Me Anything) with BibRave Co-Founders Jess & Tim.  It is always nice to hear updates on our mission driven projects and also think about the future of BibRave and what that might look like.

The Social Media & Content Creation session was very popular. I loved hearing tips and tricks to enhance (or change) some of the ways I am representing BibRave partners on social.  We then had a variety of learning sessions run throughout the day- I enjoyed the Vlogging and Peloton groups for sure! It is amazing to hear the depth of knowledge other pros have and I have some great take-aways from the sessions. And last, but not least, we had Team Trivia Night for an hour – my team (BRP FIRE) didn’t win, but we had a lot of laughs. Lesson learned:  Study up before the next trivia night.

*Keep in mind, we were all busy in between sessions posting about all the fun on social. You can check out #BRPROudSummit for all of the fun deets.*

Sunday was a great day – we were able to hear from the DEI Council members and the work they hope to achieve on the council.  Last, but not least, we were able to say Farewell and see the Zestie award recipients. Zesties are the BRPs that have been around for 5 years. It’s pretty amazing to see how our community has grown! Not-so-secret secret: I hope to receive a Zestie one day.

As we wrapped up, I was sad to see the sessions end, but was also renewed with new ideas and hope as we continue through 2021. The pandemic might have changed the way we were able to conduct our annual event, but it has not stopped our community from supporting one another and growing. I can’t wait until 2022 and more fun with the BibRave Pro community.

Special thanks to the BibRave Team for putting this event together! And, we cannot forget the sponsors which helped make this event happen- Knockaround and Science in Sport. Make sure you check them out on their respective websites.

You can read more about the weekend from some of my fellow BRPs below:



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